All is Wellington

I am a firm believer that surrounding yourself with other like creatives will always push your skills to a greater level. Working with my good friend Chef Bryant Williams on several recent food photo shoots has given me a different outlook on the amount of attention of detail that goes into a photograph. We tend to push each others creative boundaries which only makes the work better in the long run. I have spent my recent downtime studying several of my favorite food magazines and blogs and knew I wanted to approach this next photo shoot a lot different.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I took some time out of my busy work week to make several “tabletops” for the purpose of shooting food on. The first set that I built were constructed out of loose boards and stain from the local hardware store. After constructing the boards and noticing that they came out great with a deep earthy tone I told Chef Bryant. Immediately I got a response that he had a new dish up his sleeve that he wanted to try and thought would go well with the table tops.IMG_9077-98 After meeting and discussing the styling and overall concept we jumped right into the photo shoot which created some amazing images.  IMG_9082-115The dish was Shrimp stuffed Chicken Wellington topped with butter poached crab meat served with pan roasted rosemary fingerling potatoes, lemon garlic shrimp with creamy Parmesan, baby spinach and kale. So delicious that I can still taste to this day.  Another #BeyondSuccessful shoot on the books. IMG_9864-111

French Toast with Strawberrys and Bananas - 3

Breakfast is Served

Had the absolute pleasure working with my good friend Chef Bryant Williams on a recent food photo shoot. Out of all the things I do have the opportunity to photograph I enjoy food as much as people. He approached me with the concept for the shoot as a dreamy breakfast meal that no one could refuse. Dreamy Kitchen SpaceAfter brainstorming for a day or two, we came up with the exact meals and now it was my job to find the perfect kitchen space. After making a few phone calls I scored this awesome kitchen that had a touch of natural light to go with the dreamy feel.In the kitchen with Chef BaulPrior to preparation of the food I spent roughly 30 minutes testing different angles and lighting setups that I would use. Once I had everything dialed in like I wanted I began to photograph Chef Bryant cooking the food. Doing these shots I found that it can be very tricky to capture the perfect image.IMG_8320-97

The reason I say that is because usually a perfect food photograph consist of a very detail oriented and staged process process. This shoot was 50/50 in which some shots were completely done on the fly and others were more staged. Overall I loved the outcome and definitely will continue to produce stunning imagery of food. Not to mention it tasted great! Until next time..  Enjoy these photos!Food Spread


A night to remember

“We were so pleased with Cam’s passion for photography and the images he created of our engagement photos. From the beginning he aimed to capture our vision and recommended great sites for the shoot. We appreciated his efforts to capture us in a candid, yet artistic manner. Cam’s laid-back personality contributed to a relaxing atmosphere as well. We have received so many compliments on our Save the Date Magnets that featured his work. It was a pleasure working with Cam and we would definitely use him again in the future!” – Kym M.

It was late December 2013 when I received the news that a good friend was getting engaged. Shortly after I was contacted by her to arrange for a very special photo shoot like none other.  After expressing to her my joy, we quickly got into the details of the photo shoot. The very first word she mentioned to me was “rooftop”. “I want to shoot on the roof somewhere downtown.” she said. She also mentioned she wanted the photos to remind you of a Ciroc ad which I thought was funny but very doable.


After spending a long week location scouting I had very little luck finding the rooftop of her dreams. Everything was either far too expensive, already booked, or unavailable for photo shoots. I didn’t let the search discourage me one bit, in fact I reached out to a few friends to gather more ideas when It suddenly came to me. I remembered a hot summer day going out for drinks with a friend where we visited a rooftop bar. During the sunset bar patrons pulled out their phones and cameras to capture the amazing skyline of downtown Atlanta. After scheduling the shoot I knew immediately that this was gonna be challenging for multiple reasons. The fact that I was not able to scout the location the day prior to the shoot because it was booked for a private event was my main concern. The location was partially outdoors which made me unaware of how the temperature would be at night since the weather was close to 40 degrees that weekend and the soon to be bride wanted to wear a dress with no coat!! Packing my camera bag lightly I headed downtown with nothing more than my camera, 2 lenses and 1 speed light. The right gear to get the job done and exactly what I needed for this impromptu shoot with no time to mess around.



Good Carma

IMG_5371Early December I was contacted by Carma Brand clothing to shoot a few pieces for their 2014 lookbook. I jumped at the offer and quickly contacted the perfect model for this shoot. After scheduling the first shoot day the weather in Atlanta, GA suddenly took a dive and went from 65 degrees and sunny to 2 straight weeks of rain and cloudy weather. After rescheduling with the model twice I finally decided to  race against the rainy weather and do the shoot. Prior to scouting a condo rooftop in Buckhead, GA a week earlier I also had time to meet with the model and briefly discuss the shoot concept. We had the perfect location, limited access and a short window of time to pull this shoot off. Overall it was a huge success. To see more of this dope clothing line and check out there current line visit IMG_5326 copy-2


Location, Location, Location

IMG_4770-2Early November 2013 I met with model Allie to test on a cold weekday morning.  She previously told me about this great location and how it would make for a great photoshoot. After arriving and getting hassled by the management we hiked approx. 10 minutes into a desolate rock quarry.IMG_4752 Not only was the location perfect but we were able to shoot for roughly 2 hours before we had any distractions. This shoot I challenged myself to use my all manual 85mm 1.4 lens. With no auto focus or exposure reading it made me slow down and focus completely on the image and subject in front of the camera. I shot approx. 600 images and had about a 85% keeper rate. I would say that all in all this shoot was great which resulted in some outstanding images. IMG_4532


Panther Creek Falls with Ally

Early November hike with a good friend of mine lead us to this amazing waterfall hidden on a hiking trail in Northern GA. Prepared for a 7 mile hike to the fall with a few stops along the way for pictures, we reached the waterfall in roughly 90 minutes. Even though there were a few sketchy spots along the way this amazing waterfall was all ours to shoot in. Half way through the hike I noticed that the sun started to get low. I knew that we had about 45 mins of hiking left before we reached the falls and only 2 hours of daylight left. We decided to trek on and worry about the light later. In the back of my head I remembered that my cell phone had an amazing flashlight and decided to turn off my phone to conserve battery life for the hike back. After getting some amazing shots at the falls we headed back to the trail which we ended up hiking 60% by moonlight and flashlight. This by far was one of my favorite shoots and locations and I will be going back during the warmer months.IMG_4068-2

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

New Year, New People, New Places..

After months of research I decided to dive into Medium Format photography by challenging myself to shoot 90% film for the next 6-8 months(with the exception of client work).

Currently I am using RZ67 Medium Format and a Canon Elan 7E 35mm to capture life’s moments as I see them. I will update this blog regularly with great photos as well as technical bits that I see fit.

Took a drive around Charleston, SC with Katie after checking out from my hotel and saw the perfect dock location for us to do a quick impromptu shoot. After walking around the dock for a few minutes I stumbled across an older couple who were in town just for the weekend to clean and inspect their vessel. After a few minutes of small talk with the boat owner’s wife Peggy, I asked if I could take a few photos aboard. Peggy jumped at the idea and ran it by her husband who simply thought it was amazing. 0230530-R1-023-10

Cam Williams

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