Behind the scenes with Lovilla Santiago

Lovilla Santiago x Alex Holliman

Behind the scenes with Lovilla SantiagoA spectacular thing happened when I was contacted by fashion model Lovilla Santiago, interested in collaborating with me on a future project, to combine our talents and create some amazing imagery. Lovilla SantiagoNot only was I a bit taken back because I am a fan of her work but surprised when she mentioned how she would be honored to work with me. We spoke briefly over the course of a week about different ideas we had.   During our talks Lovilla mentioned that she had a team of creatives who were eager to work with her and that she would contact them and get back with me.Lovilla Santiago  Knowing that she has a very unique look and can be photographed in so many different ways it was my goal to do something different and leave a powerful impact on her portfolio.Medium Format Camers To create the look I was going for I knew that I would need to source out a lighting package that I was familiar with from my cinematography jobs. I also wanted to use different cameras and mediums to see which suited the look the best.   Once I worked out the lighting package and studio location I spoke with the creative team to ensure everyone was on the same page. Lovilla2-EditThe energy in the studio that day was amazing which not only made my job easier but lead us to creating some beautiful imagery.

lovilla-tearsheet1I was beyond pleased with the final images and gladly share them with you. All in all I look forward to future fashion projects and working with other creatives who are passionate about what they love to do.Lovilla Santiago I could not have pulled this shoot off with out an amazing team that day and I owe it all to them. lovilla-tearsheet2


Morning Light with Lindsay

0379232_0379232-R3-E029 Once and every blue moon you get to work with a model for the first time who sees your vision for exactly how you do, but then takes your idea and brings it to life in a way in which you didn’t think was possible.  When the stars align and photographers are paired with those perfect subjects to photograph it allows for a great chemistry on set.


This was definitely the case for my latest test shoot with Atlanta fashion model Lindsay. After finding each other on social media we decided that we both liked each others work so much we wanted to collaborate on a photoshoot. Recently I have spent the last few weeks working on a new personal series involving satin sheets, gorgeous women, beautiful light and dangerous shadows. When I found Lindsay I knew exactly what direction I wanted our shoot to go in. IMG_4517

Deciding on a few different looks was easy because I wanted everything very natural. Once we agreed on the overall idea we got right to work. Lindsay had a few prior engagements the day of our shoot so she arrived early and mentioned that she had to be finished within a few hours. 0379232_0379232-R3-E027This kept us on a time constraint and also forced me to work at a much faster pace than one I am use to while working with film(which can be a very slow process). I accepted the challenge and overall it made for a great experience and some even more amazing images.


Cam Williams

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